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Mesothelioma is a rare and aggressive form of cancer that usually occurs in the lungs, and sometimes the abdomen. The only known cause is exposure to asbestos. For several years, the firm Beasley Allen has handled mesothelioma cases.

Beasley Allen understands that mesothelioma is a devastating illness that destroys many families every year. Working with the people affected by this disease, our attorneys felt that we should do more than just handle the claim on behalf of the client, but we also wanted to help families make it through a difficult time.

For that reason, in February 2008 Beasley Allen launched a new web log, or “blog” site,, dedicated to providing information about mesothelioma, as well as asbestos and related asbestos diseases such as asbestosis, and also lung cancer in general. The site is designed to raise mesothelioma awareness and provide a network of support for those facing this diagnosis. The blog strives to talk to people who have meso, share news about treatment and research, and provide links to helpful organizations.

When I started writing the blog, one of the things that surprised and angered me was the amount of hostility and suspicion I encountered when people found out the blog was sponsored by Beasley Allen. Because we were connected to a law firm, many “support groups” initially wouldn’t even talk to me. They were afraid that the site was somehow looking to exploit the very people we were trying to help.

In fact, I find it ironic that many of the people who have mesothelioma that I talk to have never even heard of this illness, unless from a reference on a law firm advertisement. They’ve heard the word, but they don’t really know much about it, how it’s contracted, or what to do and where to find help. They are blindsided by their diagnosis.

Most people also are surprised when they find out that asbestos is not completely banned in the United States. In fact, it’s still in many common household products, and last year it was even found in a toy, in a fingerprinting kit tied to the popular TV show “CSI.”

It’s an interesting twist of fate that the very people who are being pummeled for “victimizing” people suffering from mesothelioma – the attorneys – seem to be the only ones talking about it. If we don’t raise awareness of the dangers of asbestos, who will?

 * * *

About the author: Wendi Lewis is a writer for Beasley, Allen, Crow, Methvin, Portis & Miles. Beasley Allen is based in Montgomery, Alabama, and is one of the country’s leading firms in civil litigation on behalf of claimants.


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