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Taser Loses Wrongful Death Lawsuit

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Taser International has lost a wrongful death lawsuit for the first time. They have been sued a number of times but have never been found at fault. A family sued them and said that the company failed to inform the Salinas Police Department of the risk of shocking someone mulitple times. The jury agreed and awarded the family $5.2 Million.

Heston, 40, died 30 hours after receiving 25 shots from five deployments of stun guns. Taser and the city of Salinas had argued Heston went into cardiac arrest because he had high levels of drugs in his system, including methamphetamine.

The family is hoping that Taser International will make adjustments to their policies. The Salinas Police Department has no plans to change their procedures unless sent new instructions from Taser. The city of Salinas and the officers involved were found not liable in the man’s death. The company plans to appeal the verdict.