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Las Vegas construction accident deaths

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The Las Vegas Business Press reported the tragic construction worker death on Aug. 9 at MGM Mirage’s CityCenter project between the Monte Carlo and Bellagio resorts, and another death at the Fontainebleau Resort Hotel site nearby on Aug. 2.

In the CityCenter construction accident, worker Harvey Englander, 65, was reportedly working on an elevator and was cut in half when he leaned into the counterweight system.

The Fontainbleau accident involved three workers falling from a 30-feet-high wall. One of the workers died in the fall when his safety harness malfunctioned.

These horrific accidents bring to light the serious dangers of working in construction, and the further need for safety measures and training among construction companies. Some contractors say that accidents are inevitable with so many workers on a project. If most accidents happen because of human error, correcting and preventing those errors with better oversight and training could make these accidents much more rare.

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