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Story of trucker with no accidents

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The Associated Press published a story today about a truck driver who has recently logged one million miles free of accidents.

The 59-year-old trucker Willie Barnes is interviewed in the story, and proper safety measures he takes each day on the job should be held up as the ideal example for truck drivers. Unfortunately too many truckers do not follow this man’s example, leading to countless accidents, injuries and deaths on our nation’s roadways each year.

The article points to the key to Barnes’ succes on the roads: planning ahead and starting his trip early.

Once on the road, Barnes pays careful attention to traffic reports while giving other vehicles a wide berth.

“I just try to stay my distance (from other cars) and give myself plenty of room to stop,” Barnes said.

Simple precautions, but they make a difference.

Truck drivers who are running behind often speed, tailgate and engage in other unsafe practices on the road to avoid being late and getting in trouble.