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Police response to fatal accident questioned

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The family of a truck accident victim who was not found for several days is looking for answers, a report from WTVM.com says. The victim’s fiancee wants to know why it took so long for police to find the truck, and whether the police responded appropriately.

According to the report, the victim left home on Friday, Nov. 17, and was never heard from again. Three days later, a truck driver on Highway 165 discovered the truck with the driver’s body still inside.

Apparently, the truck was seen Saturday afternoon when a passerby reported seeing the truck in a ditch with its back window broken to a nearby restaurant. A worker in the restaurant proceeded to call the police and report the accident.

The story reports:

The woman then called police and waited looking out the window of the restaurant for police to arrive. The employees say while waiting they did not see an officer drive by. In a statement Assistant Police Chief Ray Smith says, “We did receive a call from Russell County Sheriff’s dispatcher around 4:15 Saturday evening. Our dispatcher then sent a police officer out to look for a truck that had ran off into a ravine, but the officer did not find anything,” said Smith.