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Log Truck Overturns in Mortar Creek

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A semi-truck hauling logs from Reeltown to Prattville overturned on Friday, spilling logs all over the road. The trucking accident happened at the intersection of Alabama Highway 14 and Coosada Parkway.

With the aid of responding Alabama State Troopers, Coosa­da Parkway was closed to traffic while the logs were removed and the truck could be upright­ed.

“I’m not surprised this hap­pened,” Wright said. “These guys take these turns quick — especially coming off (Highway) 14 onto Coosada Parkway. Their loads shift and the vehicle gets out of control.”

The truck driver claims he was not going faster than 5 mph when he turned the corner. He remembers that he heard a loud pop and felt the load of logs shift. Alabama State Troopers are still investigating the accident. No one was injured. It took several hours to clean up the roadway and reopen it to traffic.

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