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University President Places Cops on Leave after Student Tasered

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When video of a group of police Tasering University of Florida senior Andrew Meyer became an instant internet sensation on Tuesday, the debate on free speech on college campuses began to circulate in earnest. University of Florida President Bernie Machen responded in kind by placing two of the officers on leave because of their actions.

In the video, UF senior Andrew Meyer is seen asking Sen. John Kerry questions beyond his allotted time period, at which point university police forcibly escort Meyer out of the auditorium. As Meyer resists the police escort, the police respond by using a Taser to administer an electric shock. From that point, Meyer was temporarily incapacitated while he was ushered out of the building.

Due to the widespread outcry over the use of force in this instance, the police officers involved have been placed on administrative leave pending an inquiry into the event. Even so, according to media reports there were several student demonstrations Tuesday to protest the silencing of a fellow student.