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McDonald's Strip Search Victim Wins $6.1 Million in Suit

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In the McDonald’s Strip Search Case, after hearing Louise Ogborn’s plaintive testimony in the witness box of how she endured two long hours of sexual torment as a prank caller posing as a cop subjected her to a virtual strip search while hapless McDonald’s managers went along, a jury awarded her $6.1 million, far short of the $200 million she was seeking from the fast food giant.

Ogborn was a respected worker at McDonald’s in Mount Washington, and was brought into the manager’s at the behest of her assistant manager one afternoon under the accusation that she had stolen something. A prank caller from another state, posing as a police officer, asserted that Ogborn had stolen items from a customer. The caller then told the assistant manager to keep Ogborn in the office and make her take off all her clothes in order to reveal the missing items.

Owing to the McDonald’s surveillance video in the manager’s office, the jury was able to see the breadth and depth of Ms. Ogborn’s emotional distress. Ogborn had initially sought far more in her claim, but will appeal the judgment.