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Train Hits Pickup Truck in Pennslyvania

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A freight train hit a pickup truck that was trying to beat the train at a railway crossing.  The train accident happened in Monaca, Pennslyvania last night.  The driver of the truck was injured and his passenger was killed. 

Meanwhile, witnesses tell us that the crossing gates were down and the train whistle was blowing when the driver tried to beat the train to the crossing.

“I saw the lights and the rail things go down, and I heard a horn blowing and the truck came around the rail things and the train just got the whole back of it,” said Frances Curtis, witness. “I just saw sparks everywhere and I just started screaming, ‘Oh my God, he hit it, he hit it.’

The condition of the driver has not been released.  The police are investigating the accident.  It is not known why the driver tried to go around the crossing gates.  Names of the driver and victim have not been released.