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Train accidents could be avoided

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Two more fatal train-vehicle accidents occurred near Tampa, Florida, this week, bringing to light the dangers of railroad crossings on our nation’s roadways.

The Federal Railroad Administration says that an average of two people died each day in train accidents in the United States. Many of these accidents could be avoided if people crossing train tracks would follow certain rules and exercise more caution.

Bob Martin, a spokesperson for CSX, offers the following advice:

“Look, listen and live. Look for the train, listen for the train and you’ll live to see tomorrow.”

Tuesday’s fatal accident involving a truck crossing a railroad track in Plant City, Florida, could have been avoided if the driver had yielded to the railroad crossing sign. So many people do not realize that some railroad crossings do not have arms, so it’s up to you to slow down or stop if necessary.

CSX spokesperson Bob Martin says the black and white railroad crossing sign has a meaning that many people forget after driver’s education.

“It doesn’t mean ‘Hurry up and beat the train.’ It’s a traffic control device that means yield.”

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