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Merck Recalls HIB Vaccine

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It was announced today that Merck is recalling 1.2 Million doses of its HIB and Comvax vaccine. The recalled vaccines are used to prevent pnuemonia, meningitis, and hepatitis B and are generally injected into children under the age of five. The plant were the vaccines are manufactured is contaminated, although Merck has not said with what.

The recall involves 11 lots of a Hib vaccine, Pedvaxhib, and two lots of a combination vaccine for both Hib and hepatitis B sold under the brand name Comvax, Merck said. The Merck vaccine is made at a manufacturing plant in West Point, Pa.

Federal health officials said the recall is precautionary and there’s currently no evidence the vaccine itself was contaminated. However, Merck said because it could not assure the sterility of the vaccine it was recalling lots made since April.

The director of the CDC says the vaccine is not a threat to children that may have received it. Please contact your doctor if you have any questions or concerns about the recalled vaccine.

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