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Deadly staph infections on the rise

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It’s all over the news lately, and yesterday there was a staph infection death in Kern County, Virginia, prompting the entire school district to close.

A student reportedly died from a staph infection that proved resistant to antibiotic treatments. The story on MSNBC.com reports that more than a third of the population may carry staphylococcus infection. MRSA is the deadliest variety of staph infection, and has earned the name, Super Bug.

Reports this week showed that the Super Bug is killing thousands of people in the United States each year. It seems that schools, locker rooms, public areas and hospitals are all places where these staph infections are spreading.

Health care officials advise everyone to wash their hands often with soap and hot water; be wary of touching eyes, nose and mouth; and sanitize common areas used by many in offices, schools or other places.