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Blood Sugar Test Strips Recalled

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Test strips used by diabetics to test their blood sugar levels have been recalled after it was discovered they were giving false readings. The recalled test strips were manufactured by Bayer and are used with the Contour TS blood glucose meter.

The test strips in question are sold predominately through mail order to be used only with the Contour TS meter.

The recall covers seven countries — but most were sold here in the U.S. The recalled strips have lot numbers that begin with WK and are followed by the characters 7D, 7E, 7F or 7G.

Bayer says the strips may result in five to 17-percent higher blood glucose readings. Moore says the higher numbers can lead to an over-correction.

Please contact Bayer if you have the recalled test strips. They have fixed the faulty equipment on which they were made. They will send a free replacement for the diabetes test strips.

If you would like to learn more about recalled medical devices, please visit InjuryBoard’s Medical Devices information page.