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Mattel Issues 2nd Major Toy Recall – 9 Million Toys

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America’s largest toymaker Mattel has issued a second large toy recall in nearly two weeks, this time for nearly 9 million Chinese-made toys due to lead paint contamination or because of possible choke hazard. The toy manufacturer has singled out quintessential Mattel characters such as Barbie and Batman for recall.

The CPSC announced that the Batman, Barbie & Tanner, and ‘Polly Pocket’ playsets all have small magnets that can become separated and become caught in the intestines of small children. Mattel also pulled from shelves the “Sarge” die cast cars from the Pixar movie “Cars” because of lead paint on the model cars.

The acting CPSC chairman Nancy Nord has worked closely with Mattel to execute the details in this vast recall. Nord told reporters in a prepared statement about the recall that the recall was deliberately large to preclude future injury from happening.

This latest toy recall is also a huge setback to the American toy industry, which has suffered this year with several lead-paint recalls from Chinese toy contractors.

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