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E. Coli Scare Prompts 21.7 Multimillion Lb. Burger Recall

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Over the weekend Topps Meat Company upped the ante on the company’s meat recall from last week, from just over 330,000 lbs to some 21.7 million lbs. The recalled products have a USDA establishment number of EST 9748 in or around the USDA stamp.

According to reports, the frozen patties were processed between June and July. The three confirmed cases took place in August, which means that nearly six weeks transpired before the meat was recalled. Topps insists that following consumer behavior, most of the frozen contaminated product should be consumed by now – cold comfort for most Americans.

It has been a disappointing year for the consumer in the wake of so many E. Coli recalls, including beef, potato salad, and spinach. Make sure to wash your produce carefully, and cook hamburger till well done.

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