Montgomery, Alabama


Gibson Vance

7 People die in firey crash

Recently in Montgomery County, Ala., a fiery head-on collision between an 18-wheeler
and 16-passenger van killed one Alabama Department of Corrections employee and six
applicants for prison…

Shannon Weidemann

Pennslyvania Woman Killed by Dump Truck

A woman driving a car on a Pennsylvania road was killed after being struck by a dump truck. The trucking accident happened in Whitemarsh Township last week. She swerved into the other lane and the…

Shannon Weidemann

Trucking Accident Kills One in Caldwell

A woman was killed in a trucking accident in Caldwell early this morning. The accident happened on Highway 55 between Farmway Road and 10th Avenue. The victim was driving a minivan. Deputies say it appears the driver of the van didn’t see the truck as she pulled out onto Highway 55 from Ashland Drive and was broad sided by the semi. Idaho State Police say the woman driving the vehicle…

Shannon Weidemann

Log Truck Overturns in Mortar Creek

A semi-truck hauling logs from Reeltown to Prattville overturned on Friday, spilling logs all over the road. The trucking accident happened at the intersection of Alabama Highway 14 and Coosada Parkway. With the aid of responding Alabama State Troopers, Coosa­da Parkway was closed to traffic while the logs were removed and the truck could be upright­ed.”I’m not surprised this hap­pened,”…

Shannon Weidemann

Loxley Trucking Accident Kills Three

Three people were killed in a trucking accident on Friday evening. The accident happened near Loxley on Alabama Highway 59. Three people were traveling in a car when they collided with a tractor-trailer. The driver, 64, of Benton, Maine, apparently pulled his car onto the highway into the path of a southbound Freightliner tractor-trailer at about 7 p.m.The truck struck the car on the driver…

Shannon Weidemann

Trucking Accident Kills Alabama Man

A trucking accident in Oregon killed a 23-year-old man from Alabama on Tuesday morning. He was driving an SUV on Highway 58 when he was hit by a semi-truck after crossing the center line. The semi-truck burst into flames after the collision. A good samaritan rescued the driver of the semi-truck. He is at the hospital.Investigation determined that the deceased drove a 2002 Nissan Pathfinder…

Shannon Weidemann

Tractor Trailer Drives Onto Pickup Truck in Alabama

A man is amazed that he escaped serious injury in Alabama after his pickup truck was driven over by an 18-wheeler. The trucking accident happened on Route 65 on Monday. The man suffered some slight injuries. The driver of the 18-wheeler was taken to the hospital to be treated for his injuries. Foro, 59, recalled seeing the windshield crack and the roof begin to crumple. Before he could…

Staff Writer

Deadly Virginia pickup truck accident

A tragic motor vehicle accident out of Cana, Virginia, made headlines yesterday, when three teens were killed after the pickup truck they were riding in crashed.My FOX 8 in Virginia reports that two of the teens who died were riding in the back of the truck, and one was in the cab. Three other teens in the vehicle sustained injuries and were treated at the Wake Forest University Baptist Medical…

Staff Writer

CSX train collides with tractor-trailer

The Clanton Advertiser reported a truck and train accident that occurred in Thorsby in mid-June. The truck was sitting on railroad tracks when a CSX train crashed into it at around 10:30 a.m.As it turned out, the tractor-trailer was attempting to turn, but did not see the train coming until too late. The crash has raised concern about train crossing safety in the area. The article reports that…

Staff Writer

Trucking accident injures high school senior

A high school senior involved in a three-car wreck in Hillsboro Wednesday suffered injuries that may have included head trauma, according to a report by The Decatur Daily News. The accident occured on Alabama 20 when two cars collilded on the road and an 18-wheeler truck traveling behind of the the cars struck one car and rolled over into a ditch. Fortunately, the other people involved in the…