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Miraculous recovery from Opp car accident

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The Associated Press reports that one of the high school graduates seriously injured in the deadly weekend motor vehicle accident near Opp, Alabama, experienced a miracle recovery.

The story says that the 19-year-old was critically injured and not responding to stimuli, so the family and doctors decided to remove his respirator and prepare to harvest his organs. Suddenly, the teen began moving his eyes and coughing. The nuerosurgeon was amazed. The parents of the teen call it a miracle.

Soon afterward, the teen began moving his arms. A full recovery looks hopeful for the recent high school graduate who planned to walk on the Marshall University football team this fall.

His mother, who said that her son and his sister were test tube babies, had the following comment:

“We’re gonna see a miracle. That’s how I feel,” said Melanie Gleason. “It’s gonna be unbelievable. We might be wheeling him out to the first Marshall game but by God he’ll be there. He’ll be there.”