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I-85 pileup causes traffic jam

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A multiple vehicle accident on I-85 yesterday morning caused a two-hour back-up as emergency personnel worked to clear the roadway.

Two collisions near exit 57 in Auburn were reported, possibly caused by a the driver of a pickup truck pulling a utility trailer who fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into a wall. The vehicle then overturned and caused a chain reaction as drivers braked and created a second collision. Three passenger vehicles and two commercial trucks were involved in the second collision.

An article from the Opelika-Auburn News reports:

The Lee County Health Department was also notified to respond to the scene because the box truck was full of produce.

“Anytime there is an accident involving a food product, the department is notified to condemn food to make sure it doesn’t end up on someone’s table,” Auburn police Lt. Will Mathews said.