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Focus on teen driver safety

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The statistics for teen drivers are staggering: motor vehicle crashes comprise 36 percent of all deaths for teens, amounting to more than 6,000 dead teens each year on our nation’s roads.

Congress has addressed this serious issue with National Teen Driver Safety Week, meant to bring to the forefront the dangers of teen driving and curb the problem. With so many distractions for teens, including cell phones, text messaging, iPods and more, it’s no wonder there are so many accidents.

The states that top the list for auto-related deaths of young people are California, Texas and Florida. Many law enforcement officials and schools are starting programs to help educate teens on the dangers of certain behaviors on the roads.

An article from FloridaToday.com, offers advice to parents:

But most experts say a parent, not a police officer, lecturer or driving instructor, will have the most influence on a young driver’s safe driving habits.

“Parents have these choices, too,” Rubiella said. “Kids are implementing the skills and knowledge they learn at home. If you are on the phone while driving, they are on the phone. If you are speeding, they will, too.”

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